Lets talk about Kabaddi and Pro Kabaddi League

Lets Talk about Kabaddi – Hu Tu Tu!!!

For those of you who are in confusion of what this term refers to, this is the name of one of the most popular games in India ‘Kabaddi’ which has off late become quite popular worldwide as well. In general, if you talk about Kabaddi, it is a team sport and involves a bundle of muscle power as well as intelligence like the majority of the games. Fun part about this sport is, it can transform at any point of time and is never boring to watch.

With its origin from Tamil Nadu, Kabaddi became prominent in south India very fast. Soon, this became a legendry sport all over India. In 1990, at Beijing, it became a part of Asian games as well. Consequently, many more championships involved this sport like Asia Kabaddi Cup, Kabaddi World Cup, Women’s Kabaddi World Cup, Pro League Kabaddi, Women’s Kabaddi Challenge, UK Kabaddi Cup and World Kabaddi League.

Lets Talk about Kabaddi – The Game

SO, lets talk about Kabaddi and understand it. As mentioned earlier, there are two teams each consisting of seven members plus three substitutes. Each half of the field is sized 10 by 13 metres for men and 8 by 12 for women. A ‘raider’ from each team goes to the opposite team alternatively. The raider would run into the opposite team to tag the team members while chanting ‘kabaddi’ in one breathe. The defending team has to try and stop the raider from returning back to his/her team within than breathe. The points are allotted based on the number of team members tagged or if the raider himself is out. The game is for 20 minutes each half with one 5 minutes break in between.

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

Famous by various names viz ‘Chadukudu’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘Chedugudu’ in Andhra Pradesh, ‘Kabadi’ in Telangana and Karnataka, ‘Hauddi’ in Punjab region, ‘Hu Tu Tu’ in many northern regions, ‘Bhavtik’ in Maldives region, ‘Hadudu’ in Bangladesh, this games’ popularity knows no boundaries. Furthermore, on par with IPL, Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) changed the outlook of this game completely. Watchers started to talk about Kabaddi and soon it became one of the most commercially sort after sport with over 400 million watchers. PKL started in 2014 with eight teams, out of which Jaipur Pink Panthers kissed the championship cup. In Season 2 2015 PKL, U Mamba stood out amongst the 8 eight teams. In 2016, two seasons were included within one year. Patna Pirates stood out amongst all the 8 teams in both the seasons.


July 28th, 2017 would see the commencement of the Season 5 of Pro Kabaddi League. With the increased craze for this championship, this year 12 teams will participate altogether. So, book your dates and make necessary changes in plans so that you don’t miss out even a single match. Get your TV and popcorn ready, call in your neighbours and cheer with them this amazing League. Le Panga!!!

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