Lets Talk about Chocolate

One little bite of this luscious flavour thing and you can feel heaven wherever you are. Whether you are a child, a teen, an adult or an oldie, every time you imagine sweets, Chocolate would definitely cross your mind more than once. Ordinarily, some like white, some like milk although some prefer dark chocolate. Whatever be your favourite taste, one can never resist the temptation to try one anytime. Let us talk about Chocolate in brief detail

Lets Talk about Chocolate – History

On this day in 1550, evidences talk about Chocolate initially derived from cocoa bean. Early stages, people just enjoyed the chocolate liquor as it was bitter. Later Germany and Swiss developed them fully and consequently introduced the line of milk chocolates. The cocoa bean crushes to give three substances viz chocolate liquid, cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

Lets Talk about Chocolate – Flavours

Chocolate then develops in three flavours using the derived substances of the bean of cocoa plant. Dark chocolate, the bitter one is the one with greater concentration of cocoa powder compared to all three. Milk chocolate, as the name says it all, is slightly a sweeter version of Dark chocolate with additional milk and sugar. Milk chocolates are largely sought after among children and teens. White chocolate is the third kind which has only cocoa butter, milk and sugar in it. Sometimes, people add vanilla essence in it for additional flavour.

Besides, when we talk about chocolate flavours, numerous have been developed now-a-days. Most of the fruits as well as nuts have become part of the flavours. Hazelnut, peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, strawberry, raspberry and mint are some of the most familiar ones.

Finally Don’t just talk about chocolate – ENJOY it!!

Scores of folk pick their flavours based on their moods. Chocolate also helps you lighten your spirit. Furthermore, people talk about chocolate as the most excellent antidepressant throughout the world. In many researches, Dark chocolates have been declared as a good dessert while dieting. A gift, a love note, an apology or just spending time with friends, chocolates are always used and loved. So, don’t wait, remember your loved ones and celebrate with their favourite flavour.

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