Must know facts about President Ram Nath Kovind

The dusk of 20th July 2017 brought out great news, the 14th President of the country has been announced. President Ram Nath Kovind is going to take his oath in 25th July 2017. He is the successor of Shri Pranab Mukharjee whose regime started on 25th July 2012.

The Presidential Election Process in Brief:

The President is elected by an electoral college. The Electoral College has representatives who are directly elected by the citizens of the country, who in turn vote for the President. They include representatives of the government after being elected in the state as well as national elections. The members of the State assemblies and both the Houses are not allowed to participate in the President’s election. This is due to the fact that they are appointed by the President themselves.

About President Ram Nath Kovind:

The counting of votes took place on 20th July 2017. The NDA candidate swept the polls with a majority of 65.6% votes that is 7,04,022 votes. This is over the number of votes that was allotted for President Ram Nath Kovind which was 5,00,000 vote quota. Hence, he was declared the President.

President Ram Nath Kovind hails from a farming background. Born on 1st October 1945, Shri Kovind holds a Commerce Bachelors degree and a LLB which he pursued from DAV College affiliated to Kanpur University. He cleared the Civil services exam in his third attempt but didn’t pursue it further as he was selected for allied services. Thus, he practiced law for 30 years initially as Central Governmant Advocate in Delhi High Court (1977-1979) and later as Central Government Standing Counsel in Supreme Court (1980-1993). He also served as the personal assistant of Prime Minister Shri Morarji Desai (1977-1978).

Shri Kovind then joined BJP in 1991 where he became the president of the BJP Dalit Morcha (1998-2002) as well as the All-India Koli Samaj. He contested twice on BJP ticket from Ghatampur, UP and Bhognipur, UP and lost before he got elected. In April, 1994 he got elected as a Rajya Sabha member for two consecutive terms where he served for 12 years.

President Ram Nath Kovind is a dedicated man. As advocate, he always aided the weaker sections, poor and women through the Free Legal Aid Society, New Delhi. As a BJP member, he donated his ancestral home to RSS. Furthermore, he was focused to educate the rural areas, help them by constructing schools, buildings, which he did as a member of Rajya Sabha. Later, President Shri Pranab Mukharjee appointed him as the Governor of Bihar where he was honoured for investigating irregularities in promotion of undeserving teachers, funds mismanagement and admission of undeserving candidates in universities. He did this by constituting a judicial commission. He resigned from the duty as Governor of Bihar to contest for the elections which the President accepted on 20th June 2017.


Consequently, many National and International papers are quite sceptical about the intentions and capability of President Ram Nath Kovind. They are criticizing the selection as he hails from the Dalit community, which according to them is only an act to gain Hindu Nationalists into confidence. Nevertheless, Shri Kovind’s record proves otherwise. He has already devoted his activities for the people and has been honoured for the same. As the President of India, we can hope many great actions from him. Jai Hind!

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