Must know facts about Drugs

With the news endlessly buzzing about Drugs, one unquestionably has the curiosity as to what are those, why do people first of all take them, and if they do then what!!! For the curious kind of people out there, the first this to know about these is ‘Beware’, All the rest is secondary. Here some must know facts about Drugs.

Facts about Drugs – What are Drugs?

According to Science, drug is any substance when taken inside our body causes a physiological reaction in the body. They can be taken in various forms viz smoked, swallowed, inhaled, injected, dissolved under the tongue or absorbed via a patch on the skin. However, when one talks about ‘Drugs’ usually the mind thinks negatively. Nevertheless, drugs are not harmful unless their usage is abused.

Different Types of Drugs

In our everyday life, we come across drugs like caffeine and nicotine. More than 70% of the world’s population consumes them. That is not harmful provided the usage is limited which 99% of the time it is. Alcohol and tobacco are also drugs. Most of the people who use these are advised of the risks and cautioned about the limits of usage. Medicines are often classified into pharmaceutical drugs which are useful for diagnosing many varieties of diseases. In these contexts, the usage of drugs proves beneficial as long as it has been prescribed by a certified doctor.

Psychoactive drugs are the ones which are the most dangerous. They include drugs like hallucinogens, opiates and amphetamines. These kinds of drugs affect the normal functioning of the central nervous system and alter mood as well as thoughts. For the very same reason, many cults also use these for religious purposes. These kinds of drugs affect the thinking and understanding of human nature. Consequently, people can go to any extent under the influence of these drugs. Folks, who provide them with this stuff, then take undue advantage of their situation. For awareness, it is imperative to learn what these drugs are and how they affect an individual. Most widely known ones are Weed or Cannabis or Ganja, Heroine, Cocaine, Methamphetamine which come in forms like Speed Ice, Crystal, Crank, Fire, Glass, Meth, or Chalk, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide which include LSD, Yellow Sunshines or Acid Boomers, Codeine based cough syrups, Diazepam, Ketamine also known as Special K, Vitamin K, K, Cat Valiums, Nitrazepam. Some of them are synthetic drugs while some of them are pharmaceutical drugs.

What are the effects of drugs??

Recent events have brought the most worrying News that psychoactive drugs are being introduced to young boys and girls in India, and the world. This is the age when understanding and reasoning is yet to develop whereas curiosity has reached its peaks. Schools and colleges are the first targets. ‘One dirty fish can spoil the entire pond.’ Similarly, if one child or teen get affected by this, it may not take long for others too.

So what happens when someone takes drugs?? Health, family, life, job, reputation – everything is at stake. How? First and foremost, illicit use of drugs has legal implications. The use of drugs can lead to accidents, crime or fights. This also concludes in punishment or penalty. This can cause serious trouble for the people consuming drugs, their family and friends as well as other innocent people of the society. The effect of drugs deteriorates health by increasing morbidity and mortality rate. Being irritated all the time, arguing with family members can always lead to separation from family. Thus, the divorces and loss of family bond. Isolation from society comes faster than expected. Even at work, presence decreases leading to absenteeism, lack of trust and therefore, loss of job. Drugs cost and cost heavy. All this conclude to financial loss and poor quality of life.

What can ‘WE’ do?

Nevertheless, we can take some small steps for preventing any mishaps around us. Start by educating our children to be cautious. They are the easiest targets as they do not know what’s right or wrong. People outside the school wait for children as chocolate vendors or probably some new bedazzled stuff. We have to teach our children to eat only from known vendors and avoid any kind of conversation with unknown people. Also, as much as possible avoid eating anything that is offered by anyone who doesn’t usually eat with them. Same applies to college students. They can be little more vigilant as to who is selling what before they actually buy anything. The school/college staff can always keep a check in their surroundings to avoid these kinds of activities. Once you are protected, you can report anything if you believe that someone else is in trouble.

The above mentioned steps are just one aspect of prevention. There are many awareness programmes and workshops for the same. Many NGOs have also taken up the duty to educate schools and colleges about the safety measures. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Although, there are many people who do act according and still have people being affected by such tragic causes. Do not loosen your heart. Nowadays, many government hospitals and nursing homes have doctors especially for these. If curing the affected is not possible with medicines, then there are rehabilitation centers with the utmost facilities. However, be warned that yelling and shouting at the individual can only bring more pain. They would have lost all hope and confidence as soon as they realize that they have committed a crime like drugs. Being patient and loving yet firm would be help for them a long way. There are many social figures that are such living examples and have come out of this successfully. Motivate them, give them confidence and show them how beautiful life is.


As a part of this society, it is our duty to protect as many as possible from falling into such pits. Parents can inculcate caution in children from a very young age, and when they are teenagers talk to them as a friend about the adverse consequences of such actions. In conclusion, the most important thing to understand is that anyone can be affected from these activities and the earlier we can thwart, the better life would be for all of us.

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