Dokalam Border – India China Standoff

Many of us who are keen followers of News would definitely be aware of the India China Standoff in Dokalam border. It is believed that India-China relations have also been quite good for any one of the countries to simply bow down to the terms of other. Nevertheless, sometimes printed truth is just an exaggerated version of reality. Let us understand and analyse the situation.

What is a Standoff?

Standoff is basically a situation in which the participants in the standoff are neither at an advantage nor disadvantage. In other words, it is a legal battle which prolongs without any conclusion. In our discussion the participants are India and China. However, the reason behind this is the unauthorized occupancy of troops in the Tibet-Bhutan-Sikkim trijunction.

India China Standoff

From the news one can gather the basic reason as to why this Standoff initially triggered. Troops from China occupied the trijunction unauthorized. Bhutan was directly affected by this step. However, when Bhutan emerged with India’s support, the scenario completely changed. With the troops now in continuous red alert, the whole world is shuddering. As good as it may seem, India is firm on dealing with this very diplomatically which will cause no hindrance to any Nation. The motive behind this step can be easily analysed. India wants to maintain peaceful relationships with all the neighbour countries.

Critical point of View

Although India is standing tall with their decision, several critics and analysts around the globe are not very contented with a diplomatic answer. War can end all this but that is not the apt answer. China and India are both powerful and resourceful. China is also trying to play Psychological war. Their newspapers and articles are indirectly provoking. India’s silence is also not being condoned and critics want to move ahead with the India China Standoff.


As Indians, we are definitely going to be biased towards the decision made by the government of India. Nevertheless, there are critics who despite all facts want otherwise. As the citizen of this country, is it not our responsibility to stand united against any other nation? Whether it is India Pakistan conflict or India China Standoff, we have to abide by the decisions made for the country as the eminent leaders do understand the scenario far better than what one can believe through hearsay.

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